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This "Research Results Database System" is aimed for dissemination of results of R&D activities on oil and natural gas development technology fields carried out by Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation(JOGMEC) and the former Japan National Oil Corporation(JNOC).
Each abstract was created by JOGMEC for data entry.
Copyright of the contents that has been registered in this database belongs to the publisher, the academic society or its author.
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011129 Research Paper Crude oil/brine/rock interface in low salinity waterflooding: Experiments, triple-layer surface complexation model, and DLVO theory Miku Takeya? Amir Ubaidah(Hokkaido University),Mai Shimokawara?Hirofumi Okano(JOGMEC),Toyoharu Nawa?Elakneswaran Yogarajah(Hokkaido University) Research Laboratory Division Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering Volume188, May2020, 106913 May 1, 2020
011110 Research Paper Case study of hydraulic fracture monitoring using multiwell integrated analysis based on low-frequency DAS data Masaru Ichikawa?Shinnosuke Uchida?Masafumi Katou?Isao Kurosawa?Kohei Tamura?Ayato Kato?Yoshiharu Ito (JOGMEC), Mike de Groot (Ovintiv Inc.), Shoji Hara (DGMC) Geology and Geophysics Division The Leading Edge (Society of Exploration Geophysicists) November 1, 2020
011104 Presentation JOGMEC’s Way forward for CO2 Free Approach Keisuke Miyoshi(JOGMEC) Facility Technology Division OTC Asia 2020(Offshore Technology Conference Asia) November 2, 2020
011098 Presentation Paleo Environment Analysis Using Geochemical Data Of The Intershelf Basin in Cenomanian, Cretaceous Of Abu Dhabi Motoyoshi Yamanaka (INPEX), Miki Amo?Takashi Nanjo(JOGMEC) Geology and Geophysics Division Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference (ADIPEC 2020) November 9, 2020
011083 Presentation Molecular Simulation of Phase Behavior in Organic Nanopores for Shale Gas Development Jinrong Cao?Yunfeng Liang?Yoshihiro Masuda (The University of Tokyo), Kohei Tamura?Hiroyuki Tanaka?Tomoaki Ishiwata?Yoshiharu Ito (JOGMEC), Toshifumi Matsuoka (Fukada Geological Institute) Unconventional Oil & Gas Technology Division The Japanese Association for Petroleum Technology October 25, 2020
011095 Presentation Simultaneous AVO inversion for density estimation in oil sands reservoir Ayato Kato?Shohei Ishinabe (JOGMEC), Nobuhito Shimada (JAPEX), Kimiaki Ochi (JGI) Geology and Geophysics Division The Japanese Association for Petroleum Technology October 25, 2020
011093 Presentation Electrokinetics at quartz/brine interface: Implications for low salinity water flooding in sandstone reservoir Amir Ubaidah?Miku Takeya(Hokkaido University)、Mai Shimokawara?Hirofumi Okano(JOGMEC)、Elakneswaran Yogarajah(Hokkaido University) Research Laboratory Division The Japanese Association for Petroleum Technology October 25, 2020
011081 Presentation Feasibility study of reservoir monitoring in an onshore oil field using SQUITEM system Michael Zhdanov?Leif Cox?Alex Gribenko(TechnoImaging?University of Utah),Hideaki Ban?Hiroshi Chiba(JOGMEC) Geology & Geophysics Division SGE 2020 annual meeting October 11, 2020
11079 Presentation Common reflection angle migration for imaging in volcanic reservoir: Case study from offshore Myanmar Masashi Nakatsukasa?Ayato Kato (JOGMEC), Takehiro Minawa (MOECO), Nisa Sukkee (PTTEPI) Geology & Geophysics Division SEG 2020 annual meeting October 11, 2020
011074 Presentation CO2 reservoir monitoring with a permanent seismic source (ACROSS) and DAS at the Aquistore CCS site Masaru Ichikawa?Naoyuki Shimoda?Ayato Kato (JOGMEC), Don White (GSC), Erik Nickel (PTRC), Thomas M. Daley (LBNL) Geology & Geophysics Division GeoConvention2020 September 21, 2020
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